The easiest way to monetize your newsletters

Sakoo helps you handle payments and subscriptions for your newsletters. We make it easy for anyone to start monetizing their newsletters by generating payment and subscription links.

How it Works

Connect your Provider

We currently provide support for MailChimp, MailerLite and EmailOctopus.

Select a List

Select the list from your chosen provider, you'll like to make as a paid list.

Pick a Price

Pick a price for your list and then go ahead to create a List on Sakoo. We'll take over from here, and help you manage payments and subscriptions to your list.


Easy Setup

Getting started with Sakoo is easy. Connect your Stripe or Bank Account, pick your newsletter provider, select your list and you're all set.

Get Paid

Pick a price for your list. Members subscribe, you get paid. Payouts are made on a daily basis.

No Hidden Charges

With Sakoo, there are no monthly fees. Instead, we take a 5% cut for each successul payment.